July…what was that? Part 1.

Lolla Gates

Pardon the lack of updates, July or pretty much this whole summer as been crazy. This is a two parter (as you can tell from the title). I’ll try & sum some of it like this:

Bad summer job, 3 huge tech problems, 1 person dropping out of our Lolla trip (had a feeling), relationship woes for friends, studying for the GRE, power outage.

Some good stuff did happen though. Lolla, installed some new mods in my car, rediscovered my love of cross country, finally bought a desk so I can have an actually place to work & study at home that’s not my bed. Got seriously into Apex Legends, got my Twitch up. I’m also planning some new decor stuff.

Let me go to the beginning of my summer.

Like most students I spent the last few weeks of the school year looking for a decent job or paying internship. Something not minimum wage cause usually around here, places that pay minimum or close to it, will only hire you part time.

I’ve worked two internships the last two school years, one for a whole school year, the other from April until the end of August. Both unpaid. This summer I could only find more offers of unpaid internships. So I settled on a part time job, which like most, paid not much of anything & barely gave hours.

I usually like to try & find paid things over the summer so I can save money to have to travel towards the end of the summer. Usually the last two weeks of summer right before I return to college. Or, I just save that Summer money & then money from my campus job during the first semester & put it towards a trip for Spring Break during our winter semester.

I worked retail at a popular mall near us in high school & just knew there was no way I could go back to the mall. If you ever want to loose faith in consumers, work retail.

I got hired in the middle of June, but couldn’t start for 2 weeks cause somehow my drug test was lost. Twice. That should’ve been the first sign that maybe this wasn’t going to be for me.

My shift starts at 6 A.M. I was hired for 3 days a week, about 24-26 hours. I wake up at 4 A.M to leave our house by 5 to make the 35 minute drive. The early morning drive is peaceful, not a lot of cars, clear weather.

Only issue is when you get there & wait to punch in at 6, you’re sometimes told they don’t have anything for you that day. Then they send you home. So you just drove for a little over half an hour to punch in, only to be told you’re not needed. You can’t really make or save anything if you’ve got no hours that week.

I’m like huh, say what? I’m a student, I love my sleep. I also like to work, cause school, traveling, games & just doing stuff costs money.

The job is mostly staffed by way older people, mostly retires or partially stay at home parents looking to make some side money while their spouse works full time & the kids are in school.

When I was hired in, there where 10 other college age students & 1 high schooler. Due to the lack of hours & some of the other inner office politics from the older employees, most have quit. This company usually posts fliers on campuses a few weeks before the summer starts. Like most businesses, they make the idea of employment with them seem cool & hip but it’s not really.

Some of the employees who’ve been there for a while are nice. I’ve found out that the full-time employees in our positions make the same amount. Which is pretty bad.

You’d expect full-time employees to make more.

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