Glossier (or how I’ve mostly found a skin routine I like)

Growing up I’ve had decent skin, nothing extra ordinary but not so problematic I wanted to avoid going to school. 

I wanted to avoid school for other reasons but beyond that my skin wasn’t a major issue.

My go to’s: Solution, Super pure & Super Bounce

My main issue growing up, especially when I got into high school, was stress.  Even if I managed to eat decently & sleep for more than 3 hours I could expect to break out in a zit or two, the only bad thing is with my complexion, eternally tan, the gross red mass was always noticeable.

At least to me & my paranoia.  I’m a libra, trust me when I say we are judgmental about ourselves even when we act like we don’t care.  I like activities that keep me social and unfortunately 3 of my majors also require a lot of social activity.  This means I’m the worst when it comes to noticing flaws about my appearance.

Glossier’s trademark millennial pink wraps the bottle.

My go to face wash from middle through high school was always Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control wash.  It helped calm down any breakouts I got in a few days but at times would feel so strong on my face.  So I’d alternate with that & my pink grapefruit face cleanser.  I’d to sway to other brands here & there throughout high school, especially when I got my first Sephora gift card.  Ultimately though Neutrogena was always my default trusted & budget friends go to.

Milky Cleanser. Image courtesy of Glossier.

During my freshman year of college with even more stress going on from classes, work, orgs, & family my skin actually stayed ok.  However with the occasional breakout I noticed that my go to zit fighter was drying my skin out.  I needed a routine that would clean but not totally strip or mildly irritate.  After weeks of searching I stumbled upon review for Glossier’s simple set.  The milky jelly cleanser with priming moisturizer seemed to do the trick.  My skin felt clean in the morning & washing before bed, no need to have something harsh to wash off the days grime at night.  Add on some sunblock & some cherry balm dot com & I always felt ready to face whatever campus had in store for me.

Over time Glossier has expanded their line & I’ve become a fan of the Solution.  At first I thought 10% glycolic blend would’ve been way harsh on my skin.  Especially when you have to work up to using every night for any benefits.

Side note:  Never use a product with acids in it in the day unless it’s something 10% or lower & you’ve got SPF 35 at least.

Goes on smoothly but can pill when mixed with certain serums.

I was already glowing from just the simple cleanser & moisturizer.  Solution had my skin so bright looking in by the end of the first week & kept it that way throughout these horrible mid-American Falls & too long Winters.

The only product I’ve got a love/hate relationship with is the sunscreen.  It’s a gel/water base so if you’re a physically active person or live in a humid area, it’ll sweat off.  On the plus side is that it blends well with my skin tone.  As a person with my skin color, most sunscreens leave an ashy white hue on my face.  Or they don’t blend fully and start to pills in spots.  

The Invisible Shield as been one of the few that doesn’t.  Another downside is the price, at $25 for 1 ounce, I can get Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer UV SPF 30 by La Roche-Posay at Target or Ulta for $20.  At 2.5 ounces, one bottle of that lasts me longer than Invisible Shield.  If only it had that slightly sweet orange oil scent to it though that Invisible Shield has.  The only downside to the La Roche is that it can pill also in areas, but nowhere as bad as others I’ve used.

If you’re looking for an intro to Glossier or just need something that can throughly clean without stripping, try the milky cleanser & priming moisturizer.  Maybe also give the Solution a try while you’re at it to round out the set.

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