A bit about the editor in chief.

In the last few weeks with school & crazy life stuff I’ve drafted a bunch of stuff that I’m editing & hoping to publish regularly starting next week. In the meantime, I figure I’d do something to let you all get to know me.

I’m a student at the University of Michigan(Go Blue!) and I’m a dual major (seemingly 3 cause one program covers two things) & a certification. I’ve got an Associates in Fine Art & Design. I’m majoring in Journalism & Media studies as well as Psych. The Journalism section teaches us the basic of writing for media, print & digital, everything from business/automotive to features to advance investigations. The media section teaches us how to shoot, act, edit & basically produce things from films & documentaries to digital shorts.

Most students in the program go for one or the other though most are required to take a few in the others or try to split it as evenly as possible. Most of my friends in the program are just here for the film side of school. I love film & being able to create stuff. I’ve written, directed & edited a few shorts for our campus.

I’ve been a reporter & editor since my high school days. I also was a reporter, photojournalist & editor at my local community college. I’m also currently an editor at my University.

Most of my articles range between editorials, news, A&E, and advice columns. I grew up being both a gamer & an outdoors kid.

I could only play for an hour after school once all my homework was done, but Saturdays I was free once I finished chores. One of my first systems was the Gamecube which came bundled with RE0.

I was way, way to young to play that & I remember being terrified & enthralled. When I was in middle school I was able to track down the old RE games that weren’t available digitally yet & beat all of the main ones.

From there I went & played a lot of my dads old PS1 games & while the controls on a lot didn’t age well, I could appreciate what was put into most of them.

I really got into gaming with 2 other series I was too young to play. Gears of War & the Left 4 Dead games. Both series would actually be some of the first I would take the time & get all the achievements for.

Anyone else remember escorting the gnome throughout the entire carnival map? Good times. Or forgetting to stay in the light when the Kryll are out?

When I couldn’t go outside or whatever activity I had was canceled, gaming became a way to have some quiet time.

Beyond gaming my interest include skincare, music, going to concerts/fests, cars (I’ve been restoring & upgrading an 04 Mustang the last couple of years!), travel(cheaply, I’m a student!) and working out.

The goal of this site is to incorporate all the thing that spark joy for me & hope you all enjoy them also!

Your E-I-C,


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